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Do you know where big box grocery store apples come from? Me neither. If you don't know where the produce comes from, where do you think the fruit in their "fresh-made pies" come from? Hmm, you got me there, too! Alani Bakery LLC strives to use only the best ingredients in our products; in this case, locally grown hand-picked apples!

Every fall for the last twenty years, my family has gone to Walter's Fruit Ranch in Mead, WA to pick our own apples, jack-o-lantern pumpkins, purchase local honey, and spend some quality family time together in the crisp autumn air. Wow, I actually just realized it has been exactly twenty years - I was seven years old when my second grade class took a field trip to Walter's Fruit Ranch, beginning this fun fall family tradition.

To learn more about Walter's Fruit Ranch, visit their website at

What started as a tradition, though, has turned into much more. Towards my teen years, October became my favorite month of the year - the colors, the refreshing cool air, Halloween, and the beginning of baking season! As a local baker who takes pride in using quality ingredients, I didn't have to look very far to find my source for delicious apples. Not only do I get great tasting apples for my pies, but my family gets a fun experience along the way.

Although I do have a small obsession with apples, my love for quality ingredients doesn't end there. Any time you place an order with Alani Bakery LLC, you can rest easy knowing we are using the finest ingredients available. Our products are made from scratch with no added preservatives or unnecessary fillers, resulting in the best natural flavors that are sure to wow your taste buds! If you don't believe me, taste one for yourself. I will have fresh mini apple crumble pies available at the Prairie Falls Market on Sunday, October 22nd, noon-4pm.

More photos at Walter's Fruit Ranch:

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